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Wireless Internet Problems?

We specialize in optimizing wireless networks for the modern home. We have proven techniques to spread the coverage over your whole house or property so all your devices can work properly. One of the scariest wireless networks is one that is unsecured we also make sure all our networks are secure.
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Need a Website?
Central KY Computer Repair is your one stop shop for a custom website for every business or occasion.
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Computer Repairs MADE EASY?

At Central KY Computer Repair all repairs are $49.99 "Plus Parts if needed" Period it doesn't matter if it takes 2 Minutes or 2 Months your labor cost is still the same.

Most Repairs can be completed in 24Hours or less!!!

Computer Running Slow?
Over time and use all computers slow down. We optimize computers to provide you with every ounce of speed your computer can offer. Our optimization is so good that we often have customers request it on new machines just to rid the PC of all the junk software from the manufactures.
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Computer Problems?
No matter what your problem our tech can repair your computer. We can remove the toughest virus and repair the strangest errors. We also replace and upgrade parts and components daily. The best part of the deal is no hourly charges it's only $49.99 for labor.
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